Adsense – Love it or Loathe it

I spend hours viewing the internet through Blogs and Websites over the years researching for business or simply enjoying the wonders of the Web.

There is one certainty of the online phenomenon that you simply can’t escape and that’s Google Adsense. It just jumps up out at you on most of the pages that you surf and frankly it can be annoying. I don’t mind it on some sites eBay’s is at the bottom of the page underneath the listings so unless your looking for it, it will escape your attention. I have no problem with it on some free sites too! Article Directories offer us an amazing free service and to keep it lovely and free use Adsense. This I really don’t mind I’d rather that than being charged.

On the other hand it looks awful when it has been forced to fit into a header or in between banner posts. Because people nowadays take offence to it so are they really going to click through and make us some cash. The adverts seem to be based on a broader subject range and don’t necessarily suit what the customer’s requirements actually are.

"Google Adsense"

I love the idea of a clean, fresh, none cluttered Blog and to me Adsense will spoil this. Also if I did put it in I could end up losing quality visitors.

So you’ll never find Adsense on my sites unless I decide to branch out into the Article Directory niche but I very much doubt it as I wouldn’t have the patience to check through that many articles.

Thanks for reading and I hope that this blog is making the difference in showing you how to make money online and in particular in providing you with quality blogging tips. Whether you are new to internet marketing or are one of many internet marketing gurus there is always something new to learn.

I find that I discover new internet marketing methods each week and I am here to share my make money online adventures with you.

To your online success



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  1. Hi Sam
    This has been a debate for bloggers for some time. I do use Adsense on my blogs, but often wonder if I’m doing the right thing. I do believe that “Professional” surfers like us, actually don’t even see the ads anymore. But, it does pay me a decent income – more than enough to pay for a dedicated server, which actually improves the viewing experience with faster page loading etc. What I find is that my niche travel site gets lots of clicks, with a low income from each, and my personal blog gets very few clicks, but with lots of money per click!
    I guess the jury is still out for me, but in the longer term, when other income sources outstrip Adsense, I will probably elect to remove it for the aesthetic reasons you state.

  2. Graeme P says:

    Hi Sam

    Extremely good point im building a website right now and have decided not to do adsense as it can bring a site down!