How an Internet Marketer Can Turn Pinterest Into an Income Stream ATM

"Income Stream ATM with Pinterest"In marketing, a great deal of emphasis is placed on creating exciting and compelling sales copy to maximize an income stream. While I am not negating the importance of well-written content, quite the opposite in fact, I do want to stress how powerful an image can be. There’s a reason we strive to place at least one image on every blog post and why graphic designers can earn so much money: images speak volumes more than a completely thorough essay.

The Granddaddy of Image Marketing: Pinterest

Although Pinterest is a relatively new platform, comparatively speaking, nothing else can touch it when it comes to marketing potential. Why? Because you can use the unprecedented power of visual stimulation in order to optimize virtually any income stream. You don’t even have to be the original owner of an image to take advantage of this fact; you can repin other people’s images and just tag your information there on the end!

Tips for Using Pinterest to Grow Your Income Stream

When you do it right, Pinterest can become your own personal online ATM. The more you learn and the more sophisticated that your strategies become, the greater your earning potential. Here are a few tips:

  • Pin constantly. The more you pin, the greater the chances that someone will see something that speaks to them. The more people who see your pins, the more likelihood that you’ll have targeted traffic coming to your site from those images.
  • Post an image on every single blog post you write. The entire point of Pinterest is that it’s a visual collection. If you have an image attached to your blog post, you can pin that image with a link to your post. If your post has no images, you have nothing to pin.
  • Connect your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts. This will help automate things and make sure that you never forget to share something valuable on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Keep current. It seems like there is always a holiday, season, or event going on, so make sure to capitalize on these. Create pin boards for whatever is hot right now and add to them like crazy. Remember to do your fair share of repinning and you’ll be more likely to have others willing to repin your images, too.

Show off your pin boards! Add a Pinterest social share button to your blog posts to make it super easy for you or anyone else to add your images to their boards.

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