How to Most Effectively Interact on Twitter

"Interact on Twitter"Twitter has become an amazing platform for everyone from work at home moms to multi-billion dollar marketing agencies. It has given virtually anyone an uncanny ability to instantly communicate with hundreds, if not thousands of people about anything at any given time. If you’re trying to market a company or make money online, however, you need to know how to do more than simply talk to people; you need to know how to interact with people.

The Best and Worst Thing About Twitter

The best thing about Twitter is also the worst: it’s format. You have only 140 precious characters—that’s characters, not words—to say what you need to say. Not only that, you have to say it in such a way that it captures the interest of the people with whom you want to interact and motivate them to take some sort of action.

With that said, let’s look at why only having a tiny amount of space to work in is a good thing. For starters, it forces you to be incredibly creative. If you are trying to condense a complex idea down into just a few words, you have to make every single word count. While this may be difficult to do on a regular basis, mastering this skill is the singularly most effective thing you can do to get people to interact with you.

Why? Because if you can be creative, stimulating, and intriguing all in one fell swoop, you’re nearly guaranteed to have interest from your followers. They’ll post wanting to learn more. They’ll follow your links to learn more. They’ll retweet your tweets because they were just too darn clever not to share. It is helpful, when you are trying to accomplish this, to think about your tweets as headlines and construct them as such.

Remember Your Manners

Once you get people to begin replying to and sharing your tweets, do the right thing: thank them. You would be amazed at just how powerful a simple acknowledgement can be in terms of building a relationship with your followers and encouraging them to continue spreading your updates in the future. And it should go without saying that if someone asks you a question directly, you should do everything within your power to provide an answer.

Remember also to stay professional. Adding a little bit of a personal flavor here and there can be helpful, but the large majority of your language should be respectful and professional.

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