Make Money Blogging with Info Products

"selling info products"

Blogging is fun, but of course if you’re reading this particular blog, you probably also want to make money using your blog. In the past, I’ve explored some different ways of making money blogging, and today I’d like to talk about making money blogging using info products.

What is an info product?

An info product is just what it sounds like: information. Usually an info product is information sold in the form of an ebook, but it could also just as easily be a series of videos.

What kind of info product should you sell on your blog?

Well, you definitely want to sell something that will be appealing to your readers. So, if you run a blog about gadgets, you probably won’t want to sell an ebook or series of videos about cooking. Play to your audience.

Where can you find info products to sell?

The most obvious was of finding an info product to sell is to just create one yourself. Write a short ebook (or a long ebook), or put together a series of videos with information related to your blog.

But what if you don’t want to sit down and write a whole ebook? Well, first of all, don’t discount the idea automatically. If you can write well enough to have a blog, you can probably put together an ebook also.

But, if you still don’t want to write your own ebook, you do have a few other options too, so don’t worry. You could pay a ghostwriter to write an ebook for you. If you do this, it’s a good idea to come up with an outline first, and find a good quality ghostwriter.

Or, you could buy a PLR ebook. For those who don’t know, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. The author of a PLR work makes the work available to you to use any way you choose, but the catch is that more than one person can buy the same ebook or article to use. So, if you buy PLR you will definitely want to edit it and make it a bit more original.

Where should you advertise your info product on your blog?

I think the best place to advertise your info product on your blog is right in the sidebar. And you will want to make a blog entry when you release your ebook or video series, and then refer to them in future blog entries.

Do you already sell an info product on your blog? If so, do you sell an ebook, video, or something else?

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