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Press Releases love them or loathe them they are here to stay. If you are planning on launching a new product you need them. It is a way of getting your business details live on the internet at a very fast rate. Like with article writing it can very easily be outsourced but there really isn’t any need to. If you can write an article you can write a press release. Nobody ever showed me how to do one I just started writing about what I wanted the public to know in regards to my products and services.

A Press Release should include…..

Company Details – business name, web address, email address, telephone number, business address and the name of the person that has submitted it.

Image – it can be a picture of the product, the person it involves, the manager or even the company logo. If you leave it blank the person that reads will struggle to get a realistic idea of your company.

Introduction – this can be up to four lines long and can include information about the business and what it offers.

Summary – this is where you sum up in one or two paragraphs what the press release is all about and the idea is that you will make it as interesting as possible to keep your future customers reading it.

Body – this should answer everything that someone would possibly want to know and feature the why, where, how, who questions that the readers would expect to see.

Third Person – all Press Releases should be written from the third person angle i.e. Samantha Milner is instead of I have.

Finally – it should never read like an advertisement but more about informing them of your services.

Once you have written your Press Release submit it to at least 10 different free press release submission sites and if they are of a good quality they will be approved in a day or so. Then follow this up by Bookmarking them.

Here is a list of free press release submission sites that you can choose from. My personal favourite though is and I would recommend submitting it to them first. – PR4 – PR6 – PR4 – PR4 – PR3 – PR3 – PR3 – PR4 – PR2 – PR6 – PR5 – PR3 – PR4 – PR3 – PR3 – PR4 – PR4 – PR4 – PR8 – PR3 – PR5 – PR6 – PR3 – PR5 – PR5 – PR3

Feel free to reply to this post with your own favourite press release sites that you regularly use.

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