Six Powerful Tips For Increasing Your SEO

While there are dozens of SEO techniques and strategies, some the most effective are the simplest. Instead of spreading your resources too thin with a myriad to strategies to rank highly in the search engines. I recommend focusing on just six that have proven to be effective. They are each explained below:

Blog Reviews
These include a direct link and short review from only experienced and established bloggers. Typically they can be purchased for $5-$10 from sites like PayPerPost. Because these are direct links from trusted sources, they are extremely effective at getting you to the top of the search results.

Article Marketing
One of my favorite seo techniques is article marketing. Although it takes hard work, writing quality articles on your topic and submitting them to article directories will give you relevant backlinks from quality websites.

Directory Submissions
Website directories give your site a quick description and a link back to your site. This is a proven way to build a many backlinks in a short period of time. They won’t preform miracles, but directories can help a great deal when combined with other seo techniques.

Social Bookmarks
This includes submitting the pages of your site to social bookmarking portals, such as Digg, Redditt,, and dozens of others. This is a great way to build backlinks from some of the biggest websites online. As an added bonus in addition to the seo benefits, these sites can even provide some direct traffic.

Squidoo Lenses
Squidoo is a website that allows users to make a “lens” (or, a page) about any topic they desire. This site also allows direct links back to your site, and using this service can be one of the most beneficial link building strategies. Be sure to include at least one Squidoo lens in your set of SEO Techniques.


Press Releases
Finally, creating a press release with your links in the text and then submitting this release across many press release portals is a fantastic way to build backlinks. And, if your story is quality, it may get picked up and distributed even further; providing links from major news portals.

These techniques are down to earth and proven to deliver results time and time again. Start implementing one or two each week until you’ve incorporated them all! is an SEO Optimization firm that provides affordable packages including all six SEO Techniques mentioned here. If you’re ready to put these SEO techniques to work, visit

Out of the six above I have had the best results from bookmarking and I wish I had used social bookmarking sites a lot sooner. Take the time to set up your profile with these sites as they get a lot of profile views and send them straight to your main webpage.

Thanks for reading my blog post and I hope that I have helped you on your way to internet marketing glory. I first discovered internet marketing over five years ago and now I get great delight in showing others how to make money online.

I have experience in the internet marketing in everything from SEO right through to affiliate marketing and I happy to help you with my mentoring program.

To your online success



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