The Top 50 Celebrities on Twitter

Yes I know we don’t all admit it but we are all curious about what celebrities are up to. We really can’t escape the celebrity world that we live in. But which of them should we actually follow?

After lots of browsing around and listening to sad chat shows, I have devised a list of the top best 50.

Even if you don’t like celebrities that are plenty of people that do and so what if they don’t follow you back you are getting free publicity through them. Other fans are obsessed by who is following the celebrities so they would then go and follow you.

If you are wondering what to post to your “new celebrity friends” just talk about what they are up to as all celebs love a good session of ego bashing. If it’s a television host tell them how much you enjoyed their presenting last night.

"Celebrities on Twitter"

Its really as easy as that and you will be surprised by how many of them will reply back to you and how much of a following it would add to you!

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  1. James Verdy says:

    Hi DSM

    Great list i never knew that there was that many celebs on Twitter i just thought it was just wossy and stephen fry great collection im well impressed

    James V.

  2. Graeme Tandy says:

    Hi samantha

    Love the list – you rock

  3. I must admit these celebrities do interest me though i cant stand katie price/jordan and so glad she isnt on your list.