Things You Should NEVER Do on Facebook for Your Business

"Facebook No-No's"Facebook, when used properly, can have a wonderfully positive impact on your business. Facebook, when used poorly, can destroy your brand and reputation. Now, the fear of possibly making a mistake should not dissuade you  from using the platform altogether. You can miss out on a great deal of opportunities this way. What it means is that you should learn what works and doesn’t work on Facebook, and then make a commitment to avoid the no-no’s. Here are some things you should never do on your business’ Facebook account:

  • Create Multiple Pages and Profiles. A profile, or personal timeline, is just that—personal. It is for staying in touch with your friends and family and sharing items among this group. A page is for your business. You can have personal fans on your business, but you should not have business acquaintances on your profile.

Where many people make a mistake is thinking that they should have a page and a profile for their business. First of all, this is strictly against Facebook’s terms and conditions. Furthermore, it opens you up to mixing business and personal. Mostly, however, it just creates confusion among your customers and more work for you. Don’t do it.

  • Be MIA for Extended Periods of Time. If you’re going to have a Facebook page for your business, you need to make a commitment to it. You don’t have to post several times a day, or even every day, but you do need to be active on a frequent and regular basis. Being sporadic or absent altogether sends the signal that you are not particularly organized or interested in your customers—and that is certainly not a message you want to send.
  • Block Others From Posting. Yes, you have a Facebook page to build your professional presence, but you also have it to network with your consumer base. How are you going to do that if you don’t allow people to interact with you and offer their opinions? Sure you may get an occasional negative comment, but this only gives you an opportunity to show how professional you are when you respond.

Remember that Facebook for your business is akin to one great big community—it’s just all online. Follow best business practices that you would use face to face and you’ll usually be just fine online. Remain professional and remain present. You can build your social media marketing strategies on this foundation.

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