Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins: Facebook Plugins

"wordpress top 10 facebook"Sometimes I think back, and remember when you had to know HTML and a whole host of other technical things in order to run a website. I have to admit, if putting together a webpage was still that technically intensive, I don’t know if I would have ever gotten started. But luckily, setting up a blog is easy when you use a blogging platform like WordPress. You can easily set up a simple blog, and then use free plugins to do basically whatever you want with your site.

There are lot of plugins out there, so it can be hard to choose which ones to install. That’s why I did a top 10 free WordPress plugins list here. I’ve also been dedicating one entry to each individual WordPress Plugin. So far, I’ve covered All in One Seo Pack, No Duplicate Comments, Akismet, Similar Posts, Post Teaser, Simple TagsGoogle SitemapSubscribe to Comments and Sociable. Today, I’m going to talk about number 10 on our list, which is Facebook Plugins. Specifically, my favorite Facebook related plugin: Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.

Promoting yourself and your blog on social media is essential, so you should already have a Facebook page. Once you have your Facebook page set up, you have to let your readers know about it. Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is an easy way to prompt your readers to “Like” you on Facebook, which will increase the number of fans you have, and give you another way to interact with your readers.

Finding Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox is very simple: just navigate to your “plugins” section on the lefthand side menu on WordPress. Then, do a search for “Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox.” It should come up first in the search results, then you can install it like any other plugin.

Once you’ve installed Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox, you can customize it to suit your needs. You can time when it will pop up, and how many times it will pop up for your blog visiters.The lightbox shows a link to your Facebook page and gives your readers the option to “Like” your page. Or, they can click the “x” to close the lightbox and keep reading your blog. Since you’re on my blog today, you already know that the lightbox looks like this:

"wordpress plugin lightbox"

Do you have this plugin installed on your blog? Has it increased your Facebook fans?

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