Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins: Subscribe to Comments

"top 10 wordpress plugins 8"I use WordPress for all my sites, so I’m pretty well versed on WordPress plugins. I prefer to use free WordPress plugins, because there are so many wonderful free plugins out there it just doesn’t make sense to pay for them. I wrote an entry awhile ago about my top 10 Free WordPress plugins, which you can take a look at here. Then, I decided to dedicate a blog entry to going a little bit more in depth about each plugin. So far, I’ve covered All in One Seo Pack, No Duplicate Comments, Akismet, Similar Posts, Post Teaser, Simple Tags, and Google Sitemap. Today, I’m on the 8th plugin on my list, which is a plugin called Subscribe to Comments.

This plugin pretty much does what it says. It allows your blog readers to subscribe to the comments on a specific blog entry. Subscribe to Comments also allows your readers to manage their subscription to your blog comments. They can unsubscribe to a specific entry, change their email address, or stop getting email notifications all together. I really like that this plugin has an unsubscribe feature. The last thing you want to do is send notifications to your blog readers if they stop wanting to get them.

It’s a good idea to install Subscribe to Comments on your blog, because it encourages your blog readers to participate and to come back. If someone leaves a comment on your blog and decides to subscribe to see the other comments people leave, there’s a good chance they will come back and continue interacting with you and your other readers. Encouraging reader participation and getting people to return to your blog again and again is a good idea for a lot of different reasons. Blog readers who participate in a discussion are more likely to come back and read your blog again, which is good for you in the long run.

Finding and installing Subscribe to Comments is fairly easy. Just click on “Plugins” in the lefthand menu on WordPress. Then, click on “add new” and do a search for Subscribe to comments.

"1 subscribe to comments search"

Then, click on Search plugins. Subscribe to Comments should be the first plugin that shows up in your search, as shown below.

"2 subscribe to comments in search"

Click on “Install Now” to install this plugin on your blog. Once you install Subscribe to Comments, your readers will be able to click a check box at the bottom of their comment to be notified of followup comment via email.

"3 notify comment via email"

Do you use Subscribe to comments on your blog?

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