Top 10 Ways to Ruin Your Chances of Making Money Online

"make money online stop sign"

For today’s top 10 list, I thought we’d do something kind of fun. I’m going to share with you the top 10 ways to ruin your chances of making money online. You know, tried and true methods to set yourself up for total failure. (Obviously, you DON’T want to actually do these things.)

1. Never start. Think about starting a blog, make plans to start a blog, and do lots of research about how you can monetize your blog. But never actually start your blog because you’re too nervous you might fail. If you never get started, you definitely won’t make any money online.

2. Spam your e-mail list 10 times a day. After a few people have signed up to receive updates from your blog, make sure you email them once an hour, every hour, trying to sell them something. This is a surefire way to make everyone unsubscribe from your list and stop visiting your blog. Without visitors, you definitely won’t be making any money from your blog.

3. Violate the terms of service of the affiliate or ad programs you participate in. In fact, don’t even read the terms of service. That way you’ll be extra surprised when you get booted from the program for doing something you weren’t supposed to.

4. Don’t keep up to date with new developments in the world of making money online. Don’t read forums, or blogs, or websites dedicated to your field. Instead, just keep doing what you’re doing and hope that it continues to work forever.

5. Outsource your content to the cheapest writers you can find. A dollar per 500 words sounds good, who cares if an actual person can read it? At least you got a good deal!

6. Only have one blog or website. Pin all your hopes and dreams about making money online to one site. After all, what could go wrong with an approach like that?

7. If you’re using WordPress on your blog, don’t bother getting a custom theme or designing a theme on your own. Just leave the WordPress default theme installed on your blog. This is the perfect way to show people who know about WordPress you can’t be bothered to spend time on your blog.

8. Don’t put any effort into monetizing your blog. Instead, just keep hoping it will magically start making money.

9. Don’t get involved in social media, or try to promote your blog in any way. Just keep hoping for some traffic to show up!

10. Avoid making friend with or networking with fellow marketers or bloggers. After all, what could you possible learn from someone else in your same field? So, if anyone emails you or comments on your blog, make sure to be extra rude.

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