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Welcome to our top 100 Free Internet Marketing Resources at My Easy Online Pay the place to be to discover the best free products for your online business. I have put this page together to show you the best online resources for your business so that you don’t waste your money when you don’t need to.

Getting started

1. DSM Publishing Ezinezone – At our Ezinezone you can download several free internet marketing videos, ebooks, reports and software to increase your business brand. There is literally a bit of everything for you to get your teeth into.

2. PLR Wholesaler – If you are looking for products to turn into your own it doesn’t get any better than this. The website in question is full to the top of free PLR products with something for everyone. If you are stuck for articles why not grab some of the free PLR articles and re-write them to suit you.

"squidoo"3. Squidoo – If you can’t afford to start out with your own website there is always Squidoo. Create lenses with sign up pages or product details. You can also use them to affiliate other peoples products. There is the scope to a wide range of things with squidoo lenses.

4. StatCounter – This is a great way of keeping tabs on your work and checking your statistics so that you know that your conversion rates are of the best standard. This also gives you the chance to see where your traffic is coming from.

5. You Convert It – This allows you to transfer your work into all kinds of different formats. Excellent resource for if you have lost the original of a document and don’t want the hassle of having to start again.

6. Are My Sites Up – This allows you to keep tabs on your websites or blogs and you will then be notified if they accidentally go down.

7. Yahoo Answers – A way of getting great up to date information from fellow internet marketers at the drop of a hat.

8. Wordtracker – This is an absolute must you really need to bookmark this site! You can simply use it to check your keyword research whenever you need to. Perfect for planning titles of blog posts or for planning your future niches.

Here are some other great keyword suggestion tools:

9. Keyword Discovery

10. Good Keywords

11. Digital Point

12. Google Keyword Tool

13. Keyword Spy – Its always nice to keep an eye on the keywords that your competition is using and this tool will allow you to do just this.

Internet Marketing Forums

"warrior forum logo"

14. The Warrior Forum – If you want up to date internet marketing tips then it doesn’t get any better than this!

Even though the Warrior Forum is my personal favourite here are some other great forums:

15. Digital Point

16. Black Hat World

17. Wicked Fire

Top Free Graphics

18. SXC – Has a huge selection of images for you to download at your leisure.

Other great sites for this include:

19. Free Digital Photos

20. Free Photos Bank

21. Government Copyright Free Photos

22. Clker

23. Pic Finder

24. Antique Clipart

25. Microsoft

There is a huge selection of Blog plugins these days so I have included my favourite five below for you:

26. Tweet Me – This allows you to place a Tweet this button on your blogs encouraging your blog to be sent viral via Twitter

27. All In One SEO – Every Blog needs great SEO and it doesn’t get any better than this

28. Sociable – This gives the same affect as Tweet Me except it is for well known social networks including Digg

29. Stats – This allows you to put Stat Counter on your Blog so that you can keep an eye on your traffic

30. Chicklet Creator – This is perfect for creating repeat visitors as it allows people to subscribe to your RSS feed

Along with Plugins it is also a good idea to include some Pings so that the internet is informed when you make a change to your Blog and these are the best ones to use:







You can add a ping to your website by entering the details on your Blog settings. If you want a bigger Ping or Plugin list you can grab them from the Blog tools page on this Blog.

Moving on another great way of building your online business is through the use of article writing. This is one method that I am a great fan of and have spent many times over the years writing articles. If it wasn’t for articles I wouldn’t have such a great keyword visibility on Google. There is so much information though in regards to articles it hard to know where to start and for a newcomer I would thoroughly recommend the Bum Marketing method.

37. The Bum Marketing Method – Learn how to write articles quickly and dominate Google

Now once you have written your articles it’s very worthwhile placing them with top article directories all of which can be done for free. Below I have highlighted my favourite ones:

"ezine articles logo"

38. EzineArticles

39. Go Articles

40. Articles Base

41. Idea Marketers

42. Article Alley

43. Article Dashboard

44. Article City

45. Amazines

46. Article Cube

47. Content Dig

Now another great part in your free banklinks journey has to be the use of Press Releases. They can generate ten times as much traffic than what an article can achieve. The downside though is that there isn’t the scope to write a press release as often as an article. You can only post a press release when you have something new and unique to tell the world. In otherwise it has to be newsworthy. At the same time though nothing stops you doing a press release for a small part of your business. Even if you add an affiliate program to one of your products or add a new page to your Blog. Another point to consider is that press releases must be written from the point of view of a third party. So instead of putting “I have started a new product” it must be “Samantha Milner has started a new product”.

Once you have created your press release here is my favourite free press release submission sites for you to submit your press release to:

48. PR Log

49. I Newswire

50. Press Box

51. Click Press

52. Free Press Release

53. Free Press Index

54. PR

55. PR Urgent

56. Press Release Point

57. Idea Marketers

Now if you are looking for a great up to date Blog theme you can often spend hours looking around the internet for a good one. With this in mind here are my favourite sites for free premium blog themes for you to download instantly:

58. WordPress Theme Base

59. Free WP Themes

60. Templates Browser

Now that we’ve gone through free links for your Blog lets look at other sections starting with your free ebook. When you create your free ebook its very important that you submit it to free ebook submission sites so that other people can download it and you can send your brand viral as soon as possible.

Therefore here is a list of the best free ebook submission sites:

61. Scribd

62. Calameo

63. Doc Stoc

64. Yudu

65. Issuu

66. Edocr

67. The Warrior Forum - This is saving the best until last as this is the one place where placing your free ebook in the community will have the best effect.  There is a free ebooks section in the make money/JVs area and you can submit your ebook for free with no catches. It gets a lower visitor count compared to some parts of the Warrior Forum but its still traffic. I recently got comments on an ebook I placed in this section nearly a year ago and its still only on page five considering how long ago it was published.

Another large part of the internet marketing community is social media and with this one niche you can create an amazing presence on the internet. I have listed my favourite places to build traffic through social groups:

68. Twitter

69. FaceBook

70. YouTube

71. MySpace

Then you need to look at your social bookmarking methods. Basically everything that you want to feature on Google MUST be bookmarked. This can be anything from articles through to your Blog posts. When you first start using this system I highly recommend that you bookmark all your previous Blog posts to increase your status.

Here are my favourite social bookmarking sites:

"linkedin logo"

72. Linkedin

73. Digg

74. Folkd

75. Reddit

76. Delicious

77. Newsvine

78. Tagza

79. Oneview

80. Faves

81. Stumbleupon

82. Diigo

83. Friend Feed

Now to round off here is a bit of everything that is also useful with your online business:


84. Gimp – Great for creating your own PSD images without the usual costs

85. Backlink Watch – This allows you to watch the backlinks that your competition have and follow suit

86. Trellian – This allows you to find out where your competition is getting their traffic from

87. T3 Report – This allows you to find out who your competitions top affiliates are and how the traffic is created

88. Copy Scape – This allows you the chance to make sure that your content hasn’t been copied by others

89. Whos Mailing What? – This is an amazing tool that allows you to find out about direct mail giving you a great insight into offline marketing

90. Domain Tools - Find out the owner of websites along with what other websites they own

91. Open Office – A free alternative to Microsoft Office and great for transferring your files to PDF

Here are also some other great websites were you can transfer your files to PDF:

92. Photo Edit 995

93. Ultra PDF

94. Neevia

95. Omni Format

Now here is my final five of my top 100 free internet marketing resources:

96. Free Flash Sites – have fun creating your own flash sites

97. Google Rankings – Find out your position on Google within the rankings

98. NVU – A free web building system that is great for building your websites

99. Link Popularity – Find out how many links your website has

100. FileZilla – A great quick and easy method of uploading your websites onto the internet

Thanks for reading our top 100 free internet marketing resources and good luck with your online business.

To your online success

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