Top 20 Social Bookmarking Sites

It is very important that you social Bookmark all your marketing methods at every opportunity. Whether you have time to do ten or a hundred it should be taken deadly serious. Social bookmarking sites are like gold and should be treated like it!

For example every Article, Press Release or Blog post I publish I will also Bookmark it to at least twenty sites. Those of you that haven’t already tried it you are missing out on something very special. It doesn’t add that much time to your marketing and the results are truly amazing.

I remember the very first time that I Bookmarked it was about a year ago and it was an article about SEO that I had submitted to at the time my articles were very similar both in length and quality.

I only submitted it to two social bookmarking sites and it added another 300 views than it would have done normally. Plus I had loads of sales from it which was a great added bonus. After this first try at social Bookmarking sites I decided it was simply something that I couldn’t live without and I now Bookmark to at least 20 sites for each of submissions.

When you first start doing it, it can take you a while to get the hang of it but with practice you can become very fast at it. They are all completely different from site to site, some can be done in 60 seconds others can take five minutes but it is worth every moment.

Why not try it out with a Blog post and see exactly were the traffic is coming from and that way you can decide whether or not it is worth it.

Here are my favourite Top Social Bookmarking sites:

Have a noisy through them and see what you can do with your articles instead of just leaving them after they have been published.

"Social Bookmarking"

Thanks for reading and I hope that this blog is making the difference in showing you how to make money online and in particular in providing you with top mentoring program ideas without the expensive mentoring programs.

Internet marketing should be fun and after following our paths through internet marketing you will find new make money online adventures that are perfect for you!

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  1. Hi Samantha!

    Great list of social bookmarking sites that can add to the overall pageviews of your articles and blog posts. I put off using sites like these for awhile thinking it was a waste of time, but the traffic, and networking have been well worth it.

    I’d also add SocialMedian ( to the list too.

    Thanks for the list!

  2. what a great list will check them out today

  3. Hi Samantha,

    I am in the process of reading the World Wide Rave by David Meerman Scott and he talks about sharing info for free, and your info was fantastic! It will come in handy when i release my free e-zine for Parents/Junior golfers called blueprintGolf. Thanks so much I will be checking in frequently.


  4. i cant believe what shame you have put me through i only use digg im going to have to improve after reading this.

  5. Thanks samantha – ive looking for a list like this for a while

  6. hi sam

    just wanted to say thanks on here for what a lovely job you did at bookmarking my websites – keep up the good work you rock!

  7. Hi sam

    Just been through your twenty now and it looks really promising i cant wait to see the results and i will keep you posted on this one

  8. hi samantha i love this post a great contribution to seo i look forward to your next installment.


  9. Thanks dsm i have just tried a few on this list and have already seen an increase in my sales.

  10. I regularly get search engine traffic within hours of publishing on sites that Google watches closely. (Squidoo, Blogger, etc.) I publish the page and then bookmark it on about 10 sites. I have gotten visitors from Google in less than two hours of bookmarking. It has to be something people are searching for. For example; on the spring equinox at about 4:30 AM I published and bookmarked a post entitled “Spring Equinox – Some Interesting Facts.” By 7 AM it had received 41 visits from Google alone.

  11. Excellent blog. You really do make the difference with social bookmarking i have to agree.

  12. Very interesting point that you make. I would recommend you to everyone. Is it ok if i re-use the content on here with a link back to you?

  13. Hi Samantha, You just posted this list on WF, thank you very much for sending us here. I know there’s been some back and forth about bookmarking an article so I want to add to that idea. I’ve seen data that shows with 10 Social Bookmarking Sites and another 20 or so backlinks you can get an article to rank higher in the SE’s and the article will stay ranked for a longer time than if you just publish your article. So, yes, you are backlinking to someone else’s site, the article publisher, but it can be very worthwhile.
    Thanks again Samantha I’m a DSM subscriber and it’s great!

  14. You have nice collection of social bookmarking sites.
    I totally agree, Social bookmarking sites are major role in link papularity.
    Thanks a lot.

  15. Thanks for the list, Sam. Do you use a tool to submit them, or do you do it all manually?

  16. Thanks for the blog post you have certainly got my mind thinking about new ideas now. As always another great list!

  17. Hi !

    Big thanks for providing information about social bookmarking list and cant wait to use them. Going to visit them right now!

  18. Thanks dsm

    you have made me realise how important bookmarking is and im really going to give it a really good go.

  19. Thanks sam

    a great list of bookmarking sites.


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