Why Squidoo should be at the top of your traffic generation list

I have never been much of a fan of Squidoo if I am honest I have thought of it as a little part of internet marketing that doesn’t need to be looked into. However a few months back I was looking through my affiliate sales through one of my ebooks and was rather taken a back by the results that I received.

So I decided just like every other internet marketing method that I have embarked on that I needed to put serious effort into this and boy was it worth it. For starters I wanted a couple of lenses that fitted in with my brand because in the internet marketing world we are always trying to increase our name both online and offline.

The two I have had done are:


At Squidoo they don’t like it if you over sell or over advertise yourself so that you look like yet another spammer but if you present your information in a way that doesn’t over do it with the internet community you really do not have a problem. Make your Squidoo lens look really good with quality content and pictures that stand out and say look at me. Even though Squidoo is a free service it is well respected in the internet marketing community and they have a very high ranking on Google so if you want your voice to be heard you have to have Squidoo lenses.

The reason why it hasn’t been as popular as it once was is because there is more competition than there ever has been before. But if you can do a good job you certainly can beat your competitors all the way to the bank.

Working along side Alison Wood we have put together this great Squidoo tutorial for you so that you can off to an amazing start with your Squidoo lenses. Its part of my 24 hour series and is called “Become a Squidoo Expert in 24 hours”. You can grab your very own copy for free or upgrade to master resale rights with your own links in it for the low price of $9. I know master resale rights doesn’t appeal to everyone that is why the private version is free.

It comes with lots of cute screenshots so that you can get to work on your Squidoo lens without the usual hassles that we all suffer from with something new.

You can grab your free copy from:


Thanks for reading and I hope that my blogging advice is making the difference in showing you how to make money online for beginners. I have been creating my own income streams for many years and I am using this blog to show you the best options for creating multiple streams of income.

I love internet marketing and I hope you will enjoy the art of internet marketing just as much as I do. Make money online today and change your future!

To your online success


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  1. Hi Sam, hope this finds you well: how’s Portugal?

    Squidoo is one of those little tricks they teach you on Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge. It was one of those sites I was aware of, but had always dismissed. But actually its quite easy to both to create a Lens – how dumb was I, the easy nature put me off; and then also rank quickly and easily in Google. Plus, if you use it in a loop with a HubPage, a keyword aligned WordPress blog and your own blog – it really add’s to your own websites ranking.

    I’ll enjoy reading the book as always, and keep on producing the good stuff!

    With Best Regards,

    Ian R McAllister

  2. hi

    thanks for this you have given me the kick up the backside that i need to improve my traffic and i will be starting my own squidoo campaign thats for sure.


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